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As you find your way to the way station you are packed in a wagon, having taken an body guard job. for a caravan trip to Spellguard your secret motives are you are following a map wich is enchanted to an ancient mirror found by Lux early on at the Excavation site. Lux firmly beleives treasure and destiny await there not to mention good money is being dished out for the killing of the green-skins. We all assume we have nothing else to do and find we are officient around each other.

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After all the attacks you finally make it to the keep just west of spellguard you are informed by Niles that ” The work here is divided in two ways here. You either work like a grunt or you become a fighter. We also except Mercinery teams. But to make a long and boring story short the Mistress of spellguard needs people to help her. but don’t worry she’s not the killing type I guess she wanted Immortality. So your here at the keep and all you have is dangerous lands to Spellguard and then the waste lands behind it. The person who get’s there will know the answer to any question and a grand award. those were her words. I would talk to Yohaan the Blacksmith to know what creatures rule this land. as for me I’m general here and my militia and I have to keep order here. Oh and beware the other adventurers for we’ve found alot of dead people killed by mercinery teams who only want the Reward. Be wary of who you trust!”

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