Current Events

“It’s been two miserable weeks moving with this pathetic caravan, but when one is hungry we tend to do as we can. we are almost to our destination. We were hired as mercenaries to make sure all these supplies are droped off. There has been a major Orc and Goblin Clan Merger again, normally we’d hold our line and let the orcs and other beast kill each other off, tiss the nature of the beast. But this time they are after the tower! All the old untold power, hidden in that place. It’s a risk we could never take! So you now are free-men and a part of a mercinary crew i assume. well my name is Niels and You saps work for me now I’ll be generous to you all becuase my leadership and employees are the best right!”

Shorty after your attacked

After the assualt you treck a for a couple of miles and campout for the night.

The very next day Neils says they could really use your help in the skirmishes they have been having from a company of Orc’s and other savages. He continues to tell the story how there are a few mercinary companies and tribes fighting to get into the tower but the only one’s closes enough have been the wereRats, they’ve caved in alot of tunnels. no matter we need your expertise no matter what. It would be an honor to fight beside you all! your truely heroes!”

As the Caravan moves at it’s normal pace you here movement among the ancient ruins somthing might be up there. after dc check or not.

second attack

Current Events

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